Tuesday, December 05, 2006


okay yesterday was very scary. If you dont know me, just to let you know that i am horrorble with directons. I am the number one person people shouldnt ask for directions. Well anyways yesterday i was on the way to my boyfriends house and all of a sudden there was this huge accident police blocking two whole blocks, the police made us go around .While i was going around and looking around having no clue where i was, i was still driving thinking i'll find my way to my boyfriends house. An hour later i call my call my boyfriend scared and lost telling him to pick me up. When i told him what street i was on he had no clue where that is. so he looked online and relized where i was. i ended up in boofu land an hour and 15 minutes the opposite side from his house. I was so scared. I followed him to is house then he bought me ice cream then i was happy

feeling sick

today i felt very sick but i cant even rest at all today because i had school and work. Today when i woke up i had a throbbing head ache, i had a sore throat, and my eye lid was swelled up. I really didnt know how i got like this i dont like this feeling one bit. I think i need some sleep and medicine